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Natural Cure for diabetes using Lime and Chicken

Natural cure for diabetes.

Apparently there is no known cure for diabetes, although it is treatable by insulin injection. However, in this day and age with the internet, we do come across claims of the extraordinary….natural cure for diabetes. We may never know for sure the authenticity of such claims unless we have personally benefited from them.

Diabetes is a common disease, and is the 6th most significant cause of death in the United States. According to Wikipedia, as of 2000 at least 171 million people worldwide suffered from diabetes, or 2.8% of the population. Now it’s 10 years past, and I’m sure the figures are higher. Type 2 diabetes is by far the most common, affecting 90 to 95% of the U.S. diabetes population.

Diabetes is a condition which the body is unable to create or make correct use of insulin, resulting in having high blood sugar. And insulin is a hormone that is needed to transform glucose into energy. The current available treatment is insulin injection.

Natural cure for diabetes using lime.

I received an information via email claiming that lime can cure diabetes. Honestly, I’m a bit skeptical of its claim; but it would be a great loss and disservice to those who are suffering from diabetes if this claim is true and I failed to share it. Before divulging more details of this natural cure for diabetes by using lime, let us search for more information on lime, and see what it has to offer.

Lime contains vitamins A, B, C, G and the rare vitamin P. Vitamin P or more often called bioflavonoids or simply flavonoids, enhance the absorption of Vitamin C. For this reason they are usually taken together. Bioflavonoids and Vitamin C together help to stregthen the thin walls of the capillaries preventing bleeding or bruising. They have antibacterial properties, stimulate bile production, promote circulation, reduce blood cholesterol, prevent allergies, asthma, and even cataracts. Bioflavonoids are antioxidants, anticarcinogenics, antibiotics, and detoxifiers. These can provide healing properties for peptic and oral ulcers. The detoxifiers can help relieve the symptoms of gout.

Lime is a citrus fruit. Lime also contains citric acid, natural sugar, calcium and phosphorus. It contains by far more vitamin C than lemon. Lime is a natural antibiotic.

Since this article is not specifically on lime, let’s just list down what lime can cure, prevent or contribute to our well-being:

Scurvy, anemia, intestinal disorder, cough and cold, gastric problem, high blood pressure, fevers, constipation, typhoid, bronchitis, sore throat, dehydration, bleeding gums and sores in the mouth, retard aging, rejuvenate the skin, kidney cleanse, arthritis, rheumatism, prostrate and colon cancer, cholera, arteriosclerosis, fatigue, heart disease, and DIABETES.

Not a guarantee, try it. You have nothing to lose.

It is quite obvious that lime has great potency to prevent or cure many ailments. Whether this particular recipe is effective or not, you will never know until you try it. Also please bear in mind that many natural cures have positive effect only on certain people. I don’t know why, but from my personal experience, this is true.

So may I just remind you to take this recipe with “a pinch of salt” (or for this instance, a pinch of lime!). One thing for sure, there won’t be any adverse effect taking a few lemons, if this recipe doesn‘t work on you. Just treat it as an exotic chicken soup, certainly rejuvenating and refreshing!

Please let me know in the comments below if you found this recipe effective. Then I will certainly feel more comfortable, and elated, having done the right thing publishing it.

The lime-chicken recipe to cure diabetes.

Here it is; the unedited version:

My diabetes cured using this traditional recipe

Then I was 55 years old, one day suddenly I felt constant thirst and
had the urge to drink more water, I also felt constant hunger even
just after taking a meal, my legs often cramp and had severe cold
sweat. I went for a check up and the doctor diagnosed Diabetes,
sometimes it reached 250 and it worried me so much. Doctor prescribed
some medication and I was on medication for 2.5 years.

My brother who was staying in Malaysia was very concerned, he was a
successful businessman. I went to visit my brother and sister when I
was 57 yrs old and my brother told me he was given a traditional
treatment recipe for diabetes which was claimed to be very effective.
As a Hokkienese (one of the Chinese ethnic groups) who suffered Diabetes for 25 years, previously his had
complication and was unable to walk, but now he was cured.

Here's the Recipe :

Steam 4 limes (green lime) together with 1 chicken without head and
tail), cut limes into half, add some salts and water level just to
cover the chicken. I was given this 4 times during my stay in
The taste was not very good but i still took it in hope of curing the
disease. I took me 1 week to finish a chicken (1 recipe), sometimes i
drank it as a soup or for supper.

After 2 months I returned to Taiwan and had a medical check up again,
the doctor advised me to stop my Diabetes medication as the blood
sugar plunged to below the standard count. He couldn't believe it when
I told him what I took. From then on I did constant blood check and it
was normal. So for prevention, sometimes I still had it once in a
while. Lime was not available in Taiwan at that time and my brother
sent them to me from Malaysia.

I am now 71 years old, and there's no recurrence. During this time I
have been staying in Canada, the USA and I have been healthy diet and
the chicken lime recipe once in a while which saves my life.

As the ingredients are all natural, there's no harm at all to have a
try and please spread this to your friends or whoever needs it.

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Fashion Tips Hottest Fall Fashion for Little Girls Beauty Baby Clothes and Children's Clothing

Fall trends for back to school - fashion advice
It's that time of year again. Summer is fading fast, and most American kids are back in school. And with the coming of a new school year come the fall trends in fashion. How can your little diva look cool at school? By wearing the hottest new back-to-school fashions, of course! Below is some fashion advice for dressing your princess in fall trends she'll love. With these great fall trends, she'll be more than ready to go back to school!

Fashion tips - color

This year, it's all about color - wild, neon colors, including bright purples, lime greens, hot pinks, and shocking blue. Have fun mixing and matching these colors with black for a fun, free-spirited look. Black and white, in mini-stripes, checks, and plaids are also "way cool"!

The fall trends often mix bright colors with neutral or muted earth tones. You'll see lots of buffalo checks and plaids that mix bright or neon colors with brown, khaki, and black.

Fall fashion advice - shorts

I don't know about where you live, but here it's still warm when school starts. In fact, it's warm enough through September and into October for girls to wear shorts. Fall trends for shorts include solids, prints, and patterns. Perhaps the most popular fall fashion for shorts is the madras plaid.

Pair these with tees or tanks - especially those sporting beadwork, stones, and studs.

Fahion advice - leggings

Leggings are still in! Solid colors, stripes, patterns, and wild, zany leggings look great worn under a tunic or skirt. Tuck them in a low boot, or wear them with sneakers or low-healed pumps. Tights are still hot fashion items, too. Closed-toe tights and ankle tights will be worn just like the leggings as part of fall fashion. And don't forget the socks! Crazy socks are the order of the day. Choose bold stripes, bright colors, and wild patterns.

Fall trends - skirts and skorts

Popular skirt styles range from fitted to pleated to full and ruffly. Simple black tailored skirts will be worn with all kinds of tops this fall. One of the most popular skirt fashion will be the layered-ruffle skirt. These have three to four layers of loose rufles, from top to bottom.

Fashion tips - tunics

These longer tops come in a wide range of colors and patterns. Most are very "girlie," with cap sleeves, ruffles, ribbons, and bows. Others are more tailored, but they're still a big part of fall fashion.

You're in the army now!

One of the newest fall trends is the military look. You'll see this in pants, capris, and jackets. Olive drab slacks and cargo pants, aviator and bomber jackets, and tailored cropped jackets with a military cut will be hot!

Fashion advice on patterns

Plaids are hot this year: plaid skirts, plaid blouses, plaid tunics. Big checks are in, too. Think black checks with bold-colored checks in lime green, bright purple, neon blue, and hot pink. You'll even see checks on shoes, especially on the high-top sneakers and ballet flats.

Fashion tips - high-topped sneakers

Just like the old Converse sneaks from the sixties! Popular solids include black, hot pink, and lime green. Wild, funky patterns are in, too. The shiny patten-looking high tops are fashionable now, also. Take out the laces and replace them with satin ribbon.

More fashion tips for sneakers

Laceless sneakers: These are ultra comfy and look great with jeans and skirts. Cool sneakers with laces are another fall fashion that will be hot. These fall trends include the low-cut sneaks like Converse. They'll be worn with jeans, shorts, and skirts.

Fashion advice - Boots

Just-above-the-ankle boots are on the shelves now, in a wide range of colors, including bright neons. Wear them over tights or leggings, or with jeans. Slouch boots in suede and leather will also be a hot commodity. And rain boots - don't overlook these adorable additions! Check out the links below!

Fall fashion -Skinny jeans

They're back! These skinny jeans are everywhere, especially in blue and black denim. Wear them under your short boots or with ballet flats for a sizzling look. For a fun look, wear the skinnies with a pair of low-top sneaks.

Fall trends - Shrugs and scarves

Wear a simple black shrug over a long tunic. A great look is a white or black-and-white tunic with a black shrug.

Brightly colored scarves will be worn with almost everything this fall. Even short-sleeve blouses will often don a scarf. Most of the scarves will be tied low and allowed to fall midway on the chest.

Fashion tips - Shoes

Flat is where it's at! Ballet shoes, Flat-heeled pumps, mary janes, slippers, and athletic shoes will be covering the cool feet this year. Ballet shoes will be seen in solid colors, patterns, and animal prints.

Fall fashion - Hoodies and jackets

Yep, they're still in, especially ones with stripes or zany patterns. Girls' hoodies are looking more feminine this year, however. Many will be in velvet, with rhinestones and other girly embellishments.

Guess what else is back? Bomber jackets! They've emerged from their long hibernation and will be a sizzling fall fashion this year. Fashion-savvy girls will be wearing cropped bomber jackets and longer bomber jackets with jeans, khakis, and more. To see bomber jackets for kids, check out the links below!

Fashion advice for tees

Choose tees with humorous sayings, logos, graphics, or rock bands. Tees in wild colors are cool, too. T-shirts are super comfortable and easy to care for, and they're generally inexpensive. Some are embellished with rhinestones, appliques, or silver studs.

Fall trends - Ties

They're not just for guys anymore. Bowties, regular neck ties, and jeweled ties are all the rage. They can be used to dress an outfit up or down and can add some pizzaz to practically any ensemble. You'll see lots of fall fashion accompanied by a tie.

Fashion advice on Layering

Once again, layering will be part of the fall trends. Layer tees under plaid shirts, sweaters, or hoodies. not only is this a good look for girls, it's also very practical. Fall weather is unpredictable. Mornings can be chilly, but by afternoon the weather might be warm. Your little diva can "unlayer" as the day gets hotter. Plus, she'll be wearing a great fall fashion!

Vintage fashion

Retro and vintage fashion is more popular than ever! Just about anything retro is way cool: faded embellished jeans, peace signs, leather fringed vests, love beads, hats, and rock tees. You'll see lots of fall trends displaying peace signs and "Love" in psychadelic colors.

Another vintage fashion that has made its way back is tie dye. You'll find lots of tie-dyed tees on the racks. Buy a couple, or make your own! You'll be in real fall fashion mode.

Be sure to check out the pics below the clothes!

Now...go shopping! And have lots of fun!

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Olive Oil for Face - The Secret to a Youthful Appearance

How to Use Olive Oil for Your Face
Women and men have used olive oil for their skin and hair throughout history. This page named olive oil for face is going to show you how to best use olive oil on the face. Some use olive oil around their eyes and they have absolutely no sign of wrinkles. If you are interested read my other article about olive oil for hair.

Why olive oil?

Olive oil is a natural ingredient and doesn't have any chemicals, it's just 100% natural. Many beauty and skin products on the market today have a lot of artificially created and even toxic ingredients. These do little good to your skin and some may even damage your skin.

Olive oil is full of Vitamins and Antioxidants that help the skin cells to revitalize and heal. Olive oil is particularly rich in Vitamin E. This Vitamin is very important for the cells of the body. It prevents free radicals to damage cells and it protects the skin from Ultraviolet Light (UV). It also increase the communication between the cells so that waste products can be more easily and new nutrients can arrive to cells in need faster. This means that olive oil will prevent and reverse wrinkles in your face if you use it daily.

Your body doesn't manufacture Vitamin E but needs to get it from food. Olive oil is in the top 3 foods that is richest in Vitamin E. Sunflower seeds and almonds are the other foods.

You may think "well I purchased this beauty creme and it said to include Vitamin E so why should I use olive oil?". The answer is that many beauty products have artificially created Vitamin E instead of the natural. The natural form is actually made up of 8 different compounds were the artificially only has one. This is not always the case since some beauty products actually have real olive oil in them but they are usually expensive. Plus, olive oil has more natural Antioxidants and compounds than most beauty products.

A good rule of thumb is, "If you can eat it you can wear it" The oil will go inside your body to your cells so why use something that can be toxic.
What Type of Olive Oil Should I Use on my Face?
Now, when you are about to start using olive oil on your skin and face you need to be aware that not all olive oils are the same.

Extra Virgin Oil - This oil is from the first pressing and it usually contains the most Antioxidants, Vitamins and nutrients. The pressing is done without heat (cold pressed).
Virgin Oil - This oil comes from the second pressing and still contains some nutrients and antioxidants but less than Extra Virgin Oil.
Pure Olive Oil - This is olive oil that has been extracted by some type processing. It could be heat or chemical. This oil contains less Vitamins and nutrients than Virgin Oil.
Extra Light Olive Oil - This olive oil undergoes a lot of processing and not much vitamins and nutrients are left.
For this reason it is best to choose extra virgin olive oil for your face.

How to Apply Olive Oil on Your Face?
Drip a few drops of extra virgin olive oil in your hands and apply it in a circular motion to your face. The motion is to increase circulation of the skin cells as well as opening of the pores. Olive oil will dissolve many impurities of your skin so take your time and really massage the olive oil into your skin.
Put on a washcloth with hot water on your face to further open up the pores to remove impurities. Let it sit for 10 minutes or so. You can also change washcloths it it is starting to become cold. You can also heat some water in a pot and put your face over it for a couple of minutes and let the steam do its work.
Use the washcloth to wash off the excessive olive oil from your face.

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20 Ways for how to Get Followers on Twitter

Twitter is a really powerful tool for online social networking, promoting your online work and getting to know people in the web world around you. To maximize your use of Twitter, you want to gain followers on the site. The more people that you have following you there, the more likely it is that they will see what you’re doing and be interested in your work around the web. There are many different things that you can do to increase the number of people who follow you on Twitter. Here’s a look at the twenty things that you should do first to get more Twitter followers:

1. Use Twitter’s tools for finding and adding your existing contacts. If you follow them, they’ll likely follow you. Don’t stop there, however. Follow up with an email to each of those people letting them know why you really hope that they’ll follow you on Twitter. This follow-through increases the number of followers that you’ll get.

2. Make an announcement on your other social networking sites that you’d like to be followed on Twitter. Let your Facebook and MySpace friends know where they can find you to follow you on Twitter. Don’t just make this announcement once either; update your Facebook status with this info every two or three weeks to keep getting people’s attention back to your Twitter. You can also post to Facebook from Twitter and it will show up on Facebook that you did that so people will know that you’re using Twitter.

3. Add your Twitter information to your email signature. Every time that you email anyone, they’ll see that they can follow you on Twitter.

4. Blog about your use of Twitter. Mention regularly in your blog or on your website that you are a Twitter user and be sure to link to your Twitter contact information.

5. Add the Twitter widget to your website. In addition to mentioning your Twitter use yourself, you can actually show others what you’re Twittering by adding the Twitter widget to your site or blog. This encourages readers to check out your activities on Twitter and therefore to follow you.

6. List yourself in Twitter directories. Directories like JustTweetIt and WeFollow are great places to provide others with information about who you are and how to follow you on Twitter.

7. Improve your page. You can customize Twitter with a better background, avatar and bio info. The better your page looks, the more likely it is that people who see that page will want to follow you.

8. Be active on the site. The best way to get followers is to follow other people and then respond regularly to the things that they post. The more active that you are on Twitter, the more people are going to want to follow you.

9. Be interesting on the site. Don’t just be active without saying anything. Post things that are actually interesting so that people will be interested by you.

10. Offer to guest post on the sites of big Twitter users. Find Twitter users who have a lot of followers. Check out their blogs. Offer to guest post on the blog in exchange for promotion of the post on Twitter. This increases attention to you on Twitter and creates more followers.

11. Write articles around the web and promote them on Twitter. There are many sites that you can write articles on (HubPages being one of them) so write a few about Twitter and link to your profile. (Here’s my Twitter information!)

12. Participate in forums and blog comments about Twitter. The more that you’re talking about Twitter, the more that you’re going to get attention from other people online who are using Twitter and who may want to follow you on the site.

13. Request support from your Twitter followers. Once you’ve established a bit of a following, Tweet that you’re looking for more followers and would love people to let their Twitter followers know where to find you. Some just might help you out.

14. Create some sort of contest related to Twitter. Make up your own creative contest on your website or Facebook page that ultimately leads to benefits to someone else for supporting you on Twitter. For example, you might giveaway something to the friend who refers the most people to follow you on Twitter.

15. Make a Twitter Landing Page. This is a tip from Problogger that basically says to replace your website home page with a Twitter landing page which informs people about your use of Twitter so that they can follow you. Then they can check out your website.

16. Add your Twitter URL to your business cards. Make sure all printed promotional materials that you have include a link to your Twitter profile.

17. Follow people often. Follow new people every single day. They may follow you back. Follow everyone who follows you. Their followers may follow you back.

18. Join Twitter Groups. There are online groups that are all about Twitter and if you join them then you’ll meet people who use the site and who want to friend other users on the site.

19. Go to TweetUps. These are in-person meetups of Twitter users that are springing up all over the country. Meet people in person, put a face to the name and then you can follow each other on Twitter with some real impact.

20. Get creative. The main thing is to do all that you can to keep thinking of new ways to drive traffic to your Twitter account so that you gain followers. The more creative you get, the more likely it is that you’ll see success on the site.

How To Get Free Facebook Credits

If you have found yourself on this article then I can safely assume that you are searching for a way to get free Facebook credits. In case you have stumbled across this article whilst searching for something else, Facebook credits is a virtual currency used to pay for virtual goods in Facebook applications and Facebook games. Each $1 spent is worth 10 credits, in other words each credit is worth $0.10 each. Facebook retains 30% of all revenue which is gained through the sale of credits. In other words, if you use 20 credits worth $2 to pay for a virtual good in a Zynga game then Facebook will retain $0.60 of the revenues whilst Zynga will retain $1.40 of the revenue. Over 50 major games and applications currently use Facebook credits as a payment system, and it has become so popular as a currency that industry experts have speculated that the currency could be adapted to pose a major threat to the dominance of Paypal. Anyway, on with ways to get free Facebook credits!

How To Get Facebook Credits Free
There have been numerous articles, videos and forum posts claiming to have magic ways of obtaining free Facebook credits. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of them are false promises and some even ask for cash in return for the secrets. Now, forgive me if I am wrong, but Facebook credits are not free if you need to pay to find out how to get them. Fortunately for you, I am willing to share my knowledge for free. Here are a number of methods which have at least worked in the past and, hopefully, will still work for you today.
Free Facebook Credits By Completing Offers
You must read this first, navigate to the free offers via the following route: Account>Payments>Credit Balance>Buy More>Show More Payment Options>Earn for free by shopping.

45 Free Facebook Credits From Snapfish (UK) - Complete the offer from Snapfish for free photo prints, pay 99p postage and get 45 free Facebook game credits. Now, technically you are paying approximately $1.50 and getting $3 of free credits, but you also get to enjoy your free photos!
85 Free Facebook Credits From Vista Print - Sign up to recieve free business cards, which you design, and get 85 free Facebook credits. You have to pay around $4 for postage, but get $8.50 worth of credits.
15 Free Credits From apario - complete the two easy surveys and instantly get 15 free credits worth $1.50. Easy peasy!
10 Free Credits From Opinion Surveys - Complete free surveys and get 10 Facebook credits for each survey that you complete, that is $1 worth of credits per survey.
5 Free Facebook Games Credits From Glamoo - Simply sign up to Glamoo, for free, and get 5 free game credits worth 50 cents.
5 Free Facebook Credits From Reading Eggs - Sign up for the free learning software, and get 5 free credits immediately.
Free Fb Game Credits
5 Free Facebook Credits With Hello City
The new Facebook game 'Hello City' is offering 5 free Facebook credits, worth 50 cents, to anybody who joins their game and reaches level 3. Simply search for the game as you would any other application, and join accordingly. Hey presto, 5 free Facbook credits for you to use on whichever game or application that you wish.

Play Other Games, Especially Zynga Ones
Thousands of Facebook users have reported being given random Facebook credits by games such as Farmville, being surprised when a message pops up informing them of such. In addition, Facebook sporadically gives out free credits as a form of reimbursement, look out for links to these promotions whilst playing games!

Travel to Marco Island, Florida, with Video Tour

Marco Island is located in south Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a great vacation destination, with a warm sub-tropical climate, beautiful natural scenery, and friendly locals. The surrounding area supports an abundance of wildlife. Visitors will find all kinds of things to do and see on and near the island. Of course, you may never want to leave the beach once you feel the soft sand beneath your feet and the clear turquoise water caressing your skin. While you’re at the beach, you can swim, jet ski, snorkel, or fish in the surf. Wait till low tide, and you’ll experience some wonderful shelling - some of the best anywhere. Or you might want to just “chill out” in the warm Florida sunshine.

If you’re into wildlife, visit the Babcock Wilderness Adventure in nearby Naples. This is a 90,000-acre ranch that’s home to Florida panthers, deer, alligators, wild turkeys, and many bird species, along with domestic cattle and horses. Hop on a swamp buggy for a tour through forests, marshes, and cypress swamps, viewing the native animals along the way. Pack a picnic to enjoy while you’re visiting the ranch, or hit the snack bar for some hot dogs, hamburgers, or gator bites.

The area is also rich in history, and the history buffs will not be disappointed. The nearby Cushing Archaeological Site is one of the most important and fascinating excavations in all of North America. Artifacts discovered at the site are over 3,000 years old. One of the oldest items found is the Marco Cat statue, an impressive example of ancient artwork.

Kids and adults will love the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens. It’s a nationally accredited zoo and historic garden and was voted the “Best Place to Take Kids” by Gulfshore Life magazine. Visitors will tour the group of little islands on a catamaran, and they’ll see lemurs, monkeys, apes, and gibbons in natural surroundings very similar to the ones in their native lands. There are also play areas for kids, along with the Madagascar Pavilion, Leopard Rock, and Alligator Bay. Navigating the zoo’s paths is easy – they’re paved.

While you’re in the vicinity, you gotta see the Everglades! Take a thrilling tour through the sawgrass prairies on an air boat, where you’ll be up close to gators, manatees, snakes, deer, colorful birds, turtles, and all kinds of other critters. Some of the boats carry 30 passengers, so you can take the whole family. This is an amazing adventure, and one that the kids will never forget.

How ‘bout a short cruise of the area? A number of options are available and include a sightseeing tour, a shelling excursion, and a relaxing sunset cruise. If you want to dine right on the water, try a dinner and dancing cruise, or for something more exciting, try one of the party cruises.

What about the food? Over 80 restaurants in the area offer a wide variety of dishes, but the favorite is the fresh seafood. Feast on huge gulf shrimp, stone crab claws, scallops, and many types of local fish – all fresh from the surrounding waters. If your epicurean wishes seek something a little different, order the gator tail or frog legs.

If you’re a confirmed shopaholic, you can get your fix at Marco Island. Visit the Esplanade Shoppes - 50,000 square feet of boutiques, upscale shops, and specialty stores. The Town Center Mall is another great shopping spot. You’ll also find all kinds of charming boutiques and quaint little nooks scattered throughout the area. Ask a local for the “secret” shopping places.

Sports lovers can enjoy a game of tennis or racquet ball at the Collier County Racquet Center, or a game of basketball at one of the island’s parks. If you’re looking for a round of beach volleyball or Frisbee, head to Tigertail Beach. The area also has several gorgeous championship golf courses, ranging from easy to difficult and catering to all skill levels.

Did someone say fishing? If you love angling, you'll think you're in fish heaven! Fish are everywhere, and so are fishing opportunities. Your surest bet is to hire a fishing guide and head into the backwater for some tarpon, reds, and snook. If you're after the really big brutes, book passage on a charter fishing boat and tangle with a huge grouper, barracuda, or moster tarpon.

You’ll never be bored at Marco. There’s way too much to do – this is just a sample of the sights and activities. Your major problem will be tearing yourself away from the star attraction – the magnificent beaches!

Naples & Marco Island, South Florida, USA

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Dressing Tips for Petite Women.

There are many ways petite women can look better and taller:-
If you are a petite one,this article provides you with tips on dressing that will help you look taller and more elegant than you think you can.

You do not have to be a supermodel to look beautiful:-
The right choice of clothes and the colors can make you look equally beautiful.First of all,the choice of attire that you must don is to be taken into account.

If you have to wear a skirt,ensure that it goes down comfortably till your calves.That wii not reveal the lenght of your legs and hence your height.When you wear the skirt,ensure that they are higher up the waist.Their lenght will make you look taller.

If you plan to wear trouser or Capris,ensure that you wear full length trouser that cover your shoes.If the size of pants is any lesser,then the legs will be revealed and you will appear short.Also,avoid flared pants.

The color that you choose should be dark as they will highlight your body shape more than the length.Avoid constrast in color.If you choose to wear a bright top and a dark lower or vise versa,it is strongly advised thar you do not.They will divide the view of your bodu into two parts and make you appear even shorter.

If you have to wear a contrasting combination,then choose the colors that belong to the same color family or belong to the same color tone.Choose these shades on dark color only.For example,if you choose brown and beige or maroon and dark gray,you will not only look taller but also sleeker.

Avoid any clothes that have horizontal prints:-
They will help one concentrate on the width of the body and hence help defeat the purpose of the appropriate attire.

Bigger prints and broader lines can overwhelm the body frame and make it look broader.Wear shoes with a little heel.They will make you seem taller than you are with increased leg length.Avoid broad belts.They tend to divide the body length into two halves making you look shorter.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Keeping Up with Trends in Girls Fashion

     One of the most important things to girls is fashion, particularly if a girl is in her teens and going to college where the majority of people talks and wears the latest trends and styles everyday. Here are some suggestions and tips on girls fashion, which will help you to stay up with the fashion trend throughout the year.

     The majority of designers will take out at least two collections per year, spring and fall, while the rest will introduce four; spring, summer, fall and winter. With numerous different styles and unique designs for boys, girl, men and women you will notice that first and foremost it is very challenging to stay up with every seasonal trend for one primary reason; all styles do not work for everyone.

     How many times have you watched a fashion show and thought; who can wear that dress besides a model. The reality of this is that some of those styles that are shown are made specifically for modeling purposes only and the entire selection is slightly different than what you actually see on the runway. Nevertheless, the number one most important rule is to wear clothes that suit your weight, height, character and personality.

     Ways To Always Dress Fashionabl

     Classic fashion is always in style and if you do not want to make a lot of mistakes when dressing up for a social event, you can always rely on classic clothes. Nevertheless, girls are not always interested in wearing classic clothes so, what is the best way for them to always be fashionable?

     An easy way to make girls fashion work well for you is to select from an assortment of clothing that suits you best. For instance, if a specific color suits you well, you can buy a blouse and wear it with a pair of jeans or black pants, which do not have to be in the same type of collection.

     An additional way to keep up with the latest girls fashion is with accessories. This way you don’t even have to keep up the latest trends. It is important that you realize both good and bad points when it comes to your own body so you can work with it and improve you best features.

     No person is perfect, including gorgeous models you watch on the runway, since they all have flaws that are cautiously covered up with either make up and/or the clothing that they wear on the runway.

     Hence, you can make the fashion work for you by using accessories such as a scarf, belt, shoes or hair clips. Shoes are a whole other category when it comes to girls fashion and they function on the same principals of accessories and clothes. You shouldn’t acquire a pair of shoes simply because they are in fashion but because they work to complement your personality and style.

How To Choose Fashion Accessories

     In relation to fashion accessories, you will find that a wide variety of differing products are included. Fashion accessories, such as fashion clothes and such items, come in a number of differing sizes, shapes, and styles. You can find fashion accessories that are created for young kids, teenagers, men, women, small sized, and plus sized people. A few of the many fashion items that you might find at one of your local fashion shops or on-line stores are described here.

     The most popular fashion addon items is jewellry. As was previously discussed, fashion accessories are designed for all varieties individuals, regardless of age or gender. For teens and children, fashion jewelry items that are fashionable often include colorful pieces, including charm necklaces or charm bracelets. In terms of men, a very popular type of jewellery often includes large pendant necklaces, many of which display a cross or another popular or significant symbol. As for ladies, trendy items of fashion jewelry consist of earnings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, and so on.

     Another type of fashion accessory that you may have an interest in buying is a purse or even a handbag. Teens and women most commonly own purses and handbags. A purse is often used to describe a bag which is smaller or compact in size and handbags tend to be a little bigger. Handbags and purses come in a number of differing styles; therefore, it’s common for many ladies and teens to possess more than one purse or handbag. Actually, many individuals out there prefer to match their fashion accessories, including their purses and handbags, with the clothes that they wear.

     In conjunction with handbags and purses, travel bags can be considered a fashion accessory. Travel bags are much like purses and handbags, except you will find that they’re often created for both females and for males. A travel bag might include a smaller bag that can be used as a carryon bag for an airplane ride, a diaper bag, as well as a laptop carrying case and so on.
Shoes and boots are also considered a fashion accessory, although many do not necessarily think them to be. Most often, females’s shoes and boots are considered as fashion accessories, as opposed to men’s shoes and boots. Certainly one of the reasons for that is due to the large choice of females’s shoe styles that you’ll find available for sale. For instance, it’s more than possible to find athletic shoes, casual sandals, elegant sandals, flat dress shoes, high-heeled shoes, and so forth. As with handbags and purses, many women own multiple pairs of shoes and many endeavor to coordinate their footwear, particularly for work, with the rest of their ensemble.

     Another one of the many differing types of fashion accessories available for purchase are belts. For a lot of men and boys, belts aren’t necessarily considered a fashion accessory, as much as they’re a way to hold pants up; though, the same does not actually ring true for females. women’s belts come in a number of differing sizes, shapes, and styles. That is definitely one of the reasons why females’s belts and belts which may be designed for kids and for teens are often considered as fashion accessories. One can find belts out there that are created for wearing with an informal pair of jeans, as well as a pair of conventional kaki pants for work.

     Belts, handbags, purses, travel bags, jewelry, and shoes and boots are just a few of the countless fashion accessories that you may be able to find for sale at one of our local fashion shops or even online. As a reminder, fashion accessories are a great way to spice up any wardrobe, especially one that can use an updating.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buttoned-up shirt collars: women's fashion trend

Forget the grungy, layered-over flannel, and tuck away your baggy, open-fronted boyfriend shirt (for now). Fashion, as fashion is wont to do, has taken a pendulum swing in the other direction, hitting on a more refined, sophisticated look. And so starting now there's only one key way to wear your shirt: buttoned up to the very top.

The brilliant thing about the done-up collar as a fashion trend is that it's simple, requires nothing all that new (feel like giving new life to all those old shirts in your wardrobe? Read on) and it's trans-seasonal: start wearing it in Summer 2010 and carry it through to Fall 2010.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Capes, capelets and cloaks: 2010 fashion trend

Capes. Say the word, and images of masked superheros mid-flight are what immediately pops into many people's minds.

But capes and cloaks have existed, in one variety or another, through much of our known human history. From early Medieval mantles, to 16th century decorative shawls; from military officers capes and 1940s fur stoles, to the fringed ponchos of the 1960s. But since the humble poncho had its hippie revival, the cape in its more sophisticated forms has seen nothing of a major comeback on the streets - that is, until now. The cape is back on the agenda as one of the major 2010 fashion trends.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Futurism and sci-fi: futuristic fashion trend

Futurism. It's something of a paradox. The future cannot be predicted; but in envisioning it, we can create self-fulfilling prophecies. You could go crazy just thinking about it - so instead let's just say that the dawn of a new decade has sent 2010's fashion trends into sci-fi and futurism overdrive.

So how do we define futuristic fashion? As a Spring 2010 fashion trend it seems to be less about gadgetry and more about future environments. We're faced with collections that contemplate dystopia or evolutionary change. Topics of science fiction are woven into the threads of some designers' clothing, while others base their designs on more traditional views of futurism.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New striped neckties.

New Collection of Modern Striped Ties

Dear valued customers and reader, we have some more exciting news to share. A few weeks ago we received a new shipment of striped neckties in fresh and bright colors - perfect for the spring and summer fashion. We just finished taking all pictures and have added all ties to our store for purchase.

The six ties below are a brand new collection. What makes these tie so special is the modern and narrow striped pattern that is paired with bright and fresh colors. These are ties that will add a modern, sophisticated touch to any suit while still preserving the professional business look. To see a larger image of each tie, to purchase these ties, and for more tips on how to match each tie, please click on your favorite tie below.

Bows-n-Ties Fashion

A Look at Versace's Mens Summer Fashion for 2010:

Versace is one of those unmistakable names in fashion that always scream 'luxury', the same ones that conjure images of weirdly cut pants and uncomfortable jackets. The Italian label’s collection for spring and summer of this year, however, yields some basic facts about dressing in the heat. Here are some of the lessons you should pick up without having to spend too much.

Embrace the V-Neck
Men’s fashion is stuck with countless traditions, like the one that says the manly man is one dressed to the hilt, in a shirt, necktie and suit. Versace, however, seems to want to buck this edict. V-necks are the name of the Versace game, and it’s looking like a very comfortable and summer-friendly game indeed.

Don’t be afraid to bare a bit more skin with a v-neck tee. After all, it’s one of the few skin-flashing styles that you can pull off without a gym-built body. You can afford to show off a little more neck, throat and collarbone even when you lack pecs, abs and all the other features of the standard Abercrombie model.

The fashion house was also kind enough to show how men ought to choose and wear a v-neck tee. Look for simple, un-printed ones, preferably with a neutral or light color so that there’s little to distract a viewer from all the extra skin you’re showing. Baring the extra skin is dramatic enough, so you can let that make the style statement for you.

Necklace Knowledge
Complementing Versace’s v-necks for the season is an expansive range of necklaces. Now, that’s a daunting style challenge for most men, especially since guys don’t do jewelry beyond watches, cuff links and wedding bands.

There is, however, a very good reason for you to take a stab at wearing necklaces in the summer. In the fall, you can create a very interesting outfit by layering different styles over each other. With the high temperatures of summer, layers aren’t really a realistic prospect. Jewelry and other accessories like necklaces give your outfit some personality without adding any weight – or layers, for that matter – on your body.

For guys, one or two necklaces is usually enough. Something masculine like a dog tag, or simple like a small pendant on a hefty chain, will do the trick. If you want to take them to the next level, however, wear your necklaces the way Johnny Depp wears his – all at the same time. It’s a quick and painless way to give your outfit an artsy, Bohemian feel.

Sheer Genius
Partially transparent and sheer clothing is yet another style minefield for a lot of men. Keeping your torso visible isn’t a very popular look for guys, whatever the season. The House of Versace, however, shows you how this could actually be pulled off.

Unless you’re going to a rave party, sheer styles simply cannot stand by themselves; you’ll look too much like a fashion victim from the 80’s. Balance out the transparency with opaque pieces – another shirt, say, or a jacket – to keep your exposure down to a tasteful amount. It’s reasonable to want to show small flashes of skin; it’s garish to display your whole chest to the rest of the world.

This kind of aesthetic is very hard to pull off if you have a less than ideal body, so it’s something you’ll want to think about before you try it. If you have a pigeon chest, say, or man-breasts, some time at the gym might be in order. Otherwise, there’s a number of less body-conscious styles out there for you to try this summer.

Remember that you don’t necessarily have to do all these combinations using brand name clothing. Versace is still firmly on the higher end of the fashion market. Once you know what makes each ‘look’ work, however, you should be able to recreate them using even the most plebian of wardrobes.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

ngisi waktu doang...

hey bloggie...udah lama ni gua gk cerita-cerita sama bloggie...hehehe...sekarang gua kelas 8,gua di kelas 8BM...gua udah jadi kakak kelas..dan adek kelas gua super nyebeilin apalagi anak 7BM1..ishhh super nyebelin tingkah nya..nyolot gila ...mereka mantan anak albesd tingkahnya itu selangit..masa ngomong ke kaka kelas bgini "gak mampu beli BB ya?" ihh nyolot bgt kan.kalo gua bakal bilang ke tuh anak "gak mampu beli iPhone ya?" hahahah...sok PAMER gitu...trus ktanya lagi "ih ini sekolah gembel bgt" arghhh !!!lo kalo gak mau sekolah di sini ngapain lo milih sekolah ini??anak albesd kok gitu..kenapa??orang tua lu bangkrut ya gk mampu nyekolahin lu lagi di albesd??hah?hah?kata kakak kelas senior gua anak albesd itu suka ngelabrak KAKAKKELAS astaga!! REALITY CHECK!! sekarang lo bukan anak albesd lagi,lu anak setangs ! di setangs tuh gk ada yg namanya adek kelas ngelabrak kakak kelas..!!lo tuh mantan anak albesd...pliss ya..inget status lo masih anak baru di setangs...n adek kelas ...jadi sopan bisa kan lo?!

hahahah maaf ya kalo agak frontal gini...hahahahah abis nya gua sebel bgt sma mereka...heheh -_______________________________-

Monday, July 5, 2010

Men's Military Trend.

Fashion in Combat: Men's Military Trend 2009-2010.

The military shape always has been a fashion driven trend for the colder months; but for Autumn (Fall)/Winter 2009-2010 designers such as Gareth Pugh, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Burberry have modified and transformed the combat uniform from the past to the now. Gareth Pugh, with one of the most unusual menswear collections for A/W 09-10 has brought inspiration from the likes of German officer overcoats from the Second World War to the metal chain mail suits that were worn under suits of armour.

Movies can also be seen as a heavy influence in Pugh's A/W collection with feathers for shoulder decoration as inspiration from The Crow including the Gothic ripped trousers and black boots and the metallic body combat suit, a similar cut to Christian Bale's costume in Equilibrium.

Burberry: Have opted for the more settled approach to the trend with tailored coats inspiring from French naval officers and a two tone pea coat that is linked again to the Second World War.

D&G: Have used the patterned Musketeer jacket detailing that was later used on band uniforms and other military jackets. No doubt the high street will be quick to follow in their footsteps with this popular design.

And of course John Galliano has expanded the old swash-buckling clothing that the pirates and old Captains would have worn on the ships of the deepest seas. He included the old white wigs and fold-over leather boots to really help support the history that he is repeating on the catwalk.

Monday, June 21, 2010

80's Mens fashion.

Remember the 80's:

It was the decade of decadence, reminiscent of the Roaring 20's. New clothes, new music and new dances arrived on the scene one right after the other. The women wore leg warmers and the men wore skinny ties. Ronald Reagan was president and the Berlin wall came down. The music was some of the best since the 1950's, and it seemed everyone was carefree. The clothing definitely matched the attitudes of the day, covering everything from neon bright colors to parachute pants.

Most Popular 80's Men's Fashion:

Power Dressing:
While the women were wearing shoulder pads to look more masculine, men discovered pinstripes again. Suits were made of natural materials, such as wool, cotton and silk, an image of higher quality. The pinstripes were not as wide as those from the 1930's and 1940's but very similar to pinstripes from the 1970's.

Three-piece suits were not popular and lapels on suit jackets became narrower. Neckties lost weight and became skinny; some of the leather ties were a mere thin strap, which can be seen in movies like Footloose.

Miami Vice:
Love color? The 1980's were full of bright colors, even in men's fashion. Men began to adapt the look from Miami Vice, a hit television series starring Don Johnson. This look paired a casual T-shirt with a suit jacket, typically worn open. The T-shirt colors were anything from pastel to coral and the suit was typically white. This look also featured loafers worn without socks.

Most people have probably seen the video and dance in the movie 13 Going on 30, and there are many popular parodies and clips on YouTube, but did you know that the Thriller video, released in 1982, inspired a whole new fashion craze in 80's men's fashion? Teenagers tried to emulate Michael Jackson by wearing matching black (or red) leather pants and leather jackets, a single glove and sunglasses. In fact, many teenagers wore their sunglasses even after dark, which was popularized by song lyrics such as "I wear my sunglasses at night". Later in the 1980's, brown leather aviator jackets, replicated after the World War II fighter pilot jackets, became popular.

Conservatism was in and actors such as Michael J. Fox, who played the preppy Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties, wore looks that were conservative. The preppy look was characterized by polo shirts in specific brands, such as Izod, Brooks Brothers, and Polo Ralph Lauren. Khakis, argyle sweaters and loafers completed the look. The sweaters could be monogrammed with the wearer's initials, and worn tied around the shoulders.

Sports suits by companies such as Adidas were popular as well. Many people were into fitness and sports, and people were very loyal to particular brands. This seemed to taper off in the late 1980's and many of these brands have never quite regained the same popularity as they once had.

The long, thick sideburns of the 1970's went out of style in 1980's men's fashion. Big hair was in, for both men and women. Styling mousse became as necessary as a big comb to fluff your feathered bangs. From 1984 to 1986, sideburns came back but were short and thin, as opposed to the longer, thicker sideburns of the 1970's. While mullets were popular in suburbia, a more professional look was required of businessmen, who wore very short hair. In the late 80's in men's fashion, it was not popular to part the hair.

Teens loved the color and functional style of Swatches. Also arriving on the scene was the Seiko Television Watch. This nifty little gadget allowed the wearer to watch TV on the run, and was symbolic of the fast pace and burgeoning technology of the day.

Although some of the fashions from the 80's probably shouldn't be repeated, there are many interesting looks from which to choose. Try adding just one or two features, such as a skinny tie or a white jacket over a T-shirt to create a unique, retro look.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gents summer wear shorts.

surprise dad with his favorite picture on a pair of board shorts:

Buying presents for Mom is easy: flowers, jewelry, gourmet tea—she loves it all. But your father? There's only so many times you can give a gift-wrapped golf club. Enter Shortomatic's new line of board shorts. The company offers an array of groovy patterned versions on its Web site, but we suggest the customizable option. Submit a favorite photo and Shortomatic will digitally produce it on a pair of trunks. What's more? If others order your signature design, the company will pay royalties. Dad would be so proud.An can be worn in summer season.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gents fashion tips.

Fashion trends today keep changing every season. And so you are here to read this article. Well probably this article is not to discuss the latest from Armani or Gabbana. The trends keep changing anyway.There are a few trends that haven't changed for quite some time and thus are the latest. Have you ever considered them?

There are trends that have been set and we still follow them. Every one does that too - even the wildest of the designers. Have your ever seen a designer use only one shoe for his/her model, or probably half a necklace? These trends have been set and it will take ages to get out of this mind set too.

There have been the things that stay and stay. We generally sport them, but kind of ignore them.

Tried and Tested Methods:

There are tried and tested methods and we will not do that. Even for the sake of looking different we wouldn't do that.

All in all, what I want to say is simple: Our trends depend not just on the kind of social circle that we have, but even on the environment we live on, the climates, the feel and more importantly how happy we are when wearing something.

From the simple polo shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, jeans to suits and khakis, they are all there in our wardrobes. The trends, the latest fashions may only add a few jazzy colors, few logos and few statements. The trends change, but the base always remains.

Some trends that appeal to any man:

Military wear: You got it into your mind as soon as you read it. The extra pockets, and the manly feel they add is far above any competition from other kind of looks. Khakis, jackets, caps are the in things. Add white and black to them and you will feel the difference right away.

Polo Shirts: This tops the list of shirts. Wear a polo shirt with a jeans, it is casuals. Add a nice coat, the corporate will invite you. And when you want to mix both formals and casuals, wear a zip-up jacket. Polo shirt will serve you, anywhere, anytime.

Layering: It's in at last. And is here to stay. Wear a sweat shirt, cover it up with a cool cotton with half sleeves. And then top it up with a jacket with no sleeves. And if possible add more. But it works, especially in winters and more so with the women around.

Logos: This is not a new style either. If you know you have enough money and don't know what to wear, then go the biggest and trendiest store that you find. Put your money and flaunt your logos. But make sure, you don't get too loud or too calm.

Use your creativity to mix up things to get what you want. And if you still haven't understood the trend today its all in one word 'Simplicity'. Keep it simple, Keep it strong. Way to go bro!

Thursday, June 10, 2010




No longer just for formal events, sequins are making their appearance on everything from basic tanks to jackets, like this Gibson slate sequin jacket.


The sequin jacket looks newest when paired with jeans and tees; go for a high-low type look by mixing the sequins with casual pieces. It would also work great with shorts for a sexy evening look. Although slate sequins go with black and white, it would also work with a pop of color like bright blue.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fashion Trend


Push that wimpy lightweight sweater to the back of the closet season.The newest sweater silhouette is an oversized sweater cardigan.Hitting anywhere from below the hip to knee-length,the chunky oversized sweater is the perfect cozy option for milder days it is also perfect for indoor offices that are to chilly to go sweater less.
Wear your oversized cardigan sweater with slimmer bottoms:skiny jeans or legging tucked into tal boots are ideal.Because its such a bold shape, you can easily carry off stronger pieces of jewelery with it like statement necklaces,layers of necklaces and big cuff bracelets.One way to look taller and slimmer is to wear a top in a matching coloras the oversized cardigan.

Fashion Trend


Denim for spring 2010 doesn't just mean jeans:denim is popping up on shoes,jacket,dress,hand bags.If you are feeling extra edgy and youthful,wear it head-to-toe.The rest of us can pick a great piece or two to update our exciting wardrobes.Denim shirt an jackets look great with khaki and white,but also pair with brights with yellow.

This is the dark chambray dress you'll reach for all spring and summer. Wear it bare-legged with wedges or paired with leggings on cooler days. Esprit's denim dress features updated shirtdress details and pintucking for extra interest.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Team Edward or Jacob??

sekarang ada aja perdebatan ttg kedua artis ini...di facebook,tweet.dsb..
klo gue sii sebenernya Team Edward..tapi gantengan EMMET CULLEN

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Misiii numpang CurCol yaaaa..-___-

apa si mau lu sebenernya!!gue gk nyangka kalo lo bisa begitu sama kita-kita...yang dulunya kita bertemen baik,sekarang lo malah ninggalin gitu...ZZZZ...gue kira lo slama ini baik ...tapi ternyata gue salah...kita(gue dan temen2)gk abis pikir!kurang apa si kita??kita udah baik sama lo,,dan kita juga gk mnta Imbalan! tapi lonya yang begitu...gue gk mau deket2 lo lagi,kalo perlu gue juga gk perlu kenal sama lo lagi!bagi lo apa si gunanya kita??cuman buat pelampiasan lo doan?! gue mau lu nyadar...n gue mau lo berubah!!!gue masi bisa ngasi lo kesempatan ke 2,tapi jangan di maen2in tuh kesempatan!!

Arti Penting Sebuah Keluarga

Dikisahkan disebuah kota yang ramai, hiduplah sepasang suami istri bersama anak-anaknya yang masih kecil. Mereka hidup bahagia dengan melewati hari-hari dengan sederhana. Dengan bekal sebagai seorang pedagang manisan, sang suami giat mencari uang demi anak dan istri tercinta.

Tak terasa waktu demi waktu telah berlalu, dan anak-anaknya pun telah kian dewara. Si sulung yang telah menamatkan pendidikan tingginya, telah berhasil mendapatkan kerjaan yang layak. Dengan giat setiap hari dia bekerja, dan dia pun berhasil mendapatkan posisi yang baik di perusahaan, karena ketekunannya.

Tanpa disadari, waktu dan kehidupan si sulung lama kelamaan hanya dicurahkannya pada kantor dan temen-temen sekerjanya. Dia pun mulai kehilangan waktu untuk sekedar berbicara dan berbagi dengan keluarganya. Setiap pagi jam 6 pagi dengan cepat dia berangkat kerja, dan sampai jam 12 malem baru lah dia menginjakkan kakinya didepan pintu rumahnya, hanya sekedar untuk beristirahat, demikian seterusnya.
Orang tua dan adik-adiknya hanya bisa mendukungnya tanpa pernah mengeluh sedikit pun, walaupun terkadang mereka juga merindukan untuk dapat berkumpul bersama si sulung barang sejenak, sekedar untuk berbagi cerita.

Pada suatu pagi sang ayah yang telah lama menderita penyakit gula, mendadak pingsan dan dalam keadaan kritis. Sang istri yang begitu panik segera melarikannya kerumah sakit untuk dirawat. Anak-anaknya yang lain pun segera menjenguk ayahnya yang kritis dirumah sakit, hanya si sulung yang tidak tampak.

Adik-adiknya berusaha menghubunginya sang kakak dikantornya, namun sang kakak hanya mengatakan akan segera menjenguk setelah pekerjaannya selesai dikantor.
Semakin malam masa kritis sang ayah pun tidak membaik, dan akhirnya sang ayah pun meninggal dunia. Sang istri dan anak-anaknya pun bersedih, namun si sulung pun tidak tampak diantara mereka. Dan tak lama dari waktu sang ayah meninggal baru lah si sulung menjenguk ayahnya, namun dia telah terlambat, karena sang ayah telah meninggalkannya untuk selamanya.
Hanya penyesalan lah yang menyelimuti perasaan si sulung, karena kesibukkannya dikantor mengalahkan arti sebuah keluarga dalam hatinya.

~ Pepatah Tiongkok lama mengatakan keluarga adalah mutiara. Begitu berharganya nilai sebuah keluarga sehingga dia disamakan dengan mutiara. Karena dari sebuah keluargalah kita lahir, tumbuh dan dewasa. Sehingga begitu dalam makna keluarga yang harus kita patrikan didalam hati kita kelak dan selamanya. Kadangkala kita dengan alasan kerja mengabaikan keluarga kita, suami, istri, orang tua ataupun anak-anak kita. Namun kita lupa bahwa sesungguh kebahagiaan sejati bukan hanya diukur dari materi namun dari kehangatan sejati yang kita peroleh dari saling berbagi dalam kebersamaan sebuah keluarga. Kita boleh bersosialisasi dengan orang diluar keluarga kita namun alangkah bijaknya jika kita juga bisa meluangkan sedikit waktu kita yang berharga untuk memberikan curah kasih pada keluarga kita~

Golden Globe 2009 Inspirations

Guess... ??

Indonesia Flagship Change is in order for Indonesia;

New things are open for our minds and lifestyle creating confidence in each Indonesian to express their selves.


Paul Marciano, the CEO Guess Inc. whose vision was narrated above, was in Jakarta in time for the opening of the 1st Guess flagship store in Grand Indonesia on Tuesday evening (21/8).

With vast array of collections available in the store including ready-to-wear apparels, accessories such as, timepieces to handbags, Guess

Tempat untuk belanja di Guess (hanya sekedar iseng)

Kelapa Gading Mall 2 (KGM2)
GUESS Accessories
1st Flr Unit 230A
Jl Boulevard Kelapa Gading Blok M
Jakarta, 14240
(021) 4529554

Tunjungan Plaza 4
GUESS Accessories
Upper Ground Unit #28-29
Jl. Basuki Rahmat 8-12
Surabaya, 60261
(031) 5313053

Plaza Senayan

Friday, May 14, 2010

Apa Arti Persahabatan??

Arti Persahabatan

Mempunyai satu sahabat sejati lebih berharga dari seribu teman yang mementingkan diri sendiri.

Apa yang kita alami demi teman kadang-kadang melelahkan dan menjengkelkan, tetapi itulah yang membuat persahabatan mempunyai nilai yang indah.

Persahabatan sering menyuguhkan beberapa cobaan, tetapi persahabatan sejati bisa mengatasi cobaan itu bahkan bertumbuh bersama karenanya…

Persahabatan tidak terjalin secara otomatis tetapi membutuhkan proses yang panjang seperti besi menajamkan besi, demikianlah sahabat menajamkan sahabatnya.

Persahabatan diwarnai dengan berbagai pengalaman suka dan duka, dihibur - disakiti, diperhatikan - dikecewakan, didengar - diabaikan, dibantu - ditolak, namun semua ini tidak pernah sengaja dilakukan dengan tujuan kebencian.

Seorang sahabat tidak akan menyembunyikan kesalahan untuk menghindari perselisihan, justru karena kasihnya ia memberanikan diri menegur apa adanya.

Sahabat tidak pernah membungkus pukulan dengan ciuman, tetapi menyatakan apa yang amat menyakitkan dengan tujuan sahabatnya mau berubah.

Proses dari teman menjadi sahabat membutuhkan usaha pemeliharaan dari kesetiaan, tetapi bukan pada saat kita membutuhkan bantuan barulah kita memiliki motivasi mencari perhatian, pertolongan dan pernyataaan kasih dari orang lain, tetapi justru ia berinisiatif memberikan dan mewujudkan apa yang dibutuhkan oleh sahabatnya.

Kerinduannya adalah menjadi bagian dari kehidupan sahabatnya, karena tidak ada persahabatan yang diawali dengan sikap egoistis. Semua orang pasti membutuhkan sahabat sejati, namun tidak semua orang berhasil mendapatkannya. Banyak pula orang yang telah menikmati indahnya persahabatan, namun ada juga yang begitu hancur karena dikhianati sahabatnya.

Ingatlah kapan terakhir kali kamu berada dalam kesulitan. Siapa yang berada di samping kamu ?? Siapa yang mengasihi kamu saat kamu merasa tidak dicintai ?? Siapa yang ingin bersama kamu saat kamu tak bisa memberikan apa-apa ??


Hargai dan peliharalah selalu persahabatanmu

All About Friendship

Temen-temen ku yang super gila....


maaf ya kalo gambarnya pecah..soalnya gk tau lagi mau nyari dimana...

ada saran??

??Menjawab Pertanyaan??

1.Menurut kalian Anak Indonesia tuh kayak gimana??
2.Penting gak Fashion di negara kita??
3.Apa gagasan kalian supaya Negara Indonesia bisa maju di bidang Fashion??

jawab yaa,,,

Now You Choose!!sekarang kamu yang pilih!

=Kristen Stewart
=Luna Maya
=Lea Michelle
=Hayden Panettiere
=Carrie Underwood
=Eva longoria
=Diana Agron
=Bunga Citra Lestari
=Angelina Jolie
=Eva Mendez

Ini ada 10 wanita cantik,(menurut saya)kalian pilih yang paling cantik,melaui rangking,contoh : Peringkat satu :Megan Fox
Peringkat dua :Luna maya
sampai peringkat ke 10...

ini ada foto-fotonya..kirimkan jawaban mu ke facebook ku.. Gissara Amadea Delfasa ..di massage nya ya,,,,,....!!thx

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