Monday, June 21, 2010

80's Mens fashion.

Remember the 80's:

It was the decade of decadence, reminiscent of the Roaring 20's. New clothes, new music and new dances arrived on the scene one right after the other. The women wore leg warmers and the men wore skinny ties. Ronald Reagan was president and the Berlin wall came down. The music was some of the best since the 1950's, and it seemed everyone was carefree. The clothing definitely matched the attitudes of the day, covering everything from neon bright colors to parachute pants.

Most Popular 80's Men's Fashion:

Power Dressing:
While the women were wearing shoulder pads to look more masculine, men discovered pinstripes again. Suits were made of natural materials, such as wool, cotton and silk, an image of higher quality. The pinstripes were not as wide as those from the 1930's and 1940's but very similar to pinstripes from the 1970's.

Three-piece suits were not popular and lapels on suit jackets became narrower. Neckties lost weight and became skinny; some of the leather ties were a mere thin strap, which can be seen in movies like Footloose.

Miami Vice:
Love color? The 1980's were full of bright colors, even in men's fashion. Men began to adapt the look from Miami Vice, a hit television series starring Don Johnson. This look paired a casual T-shirt with a suit jacket, typically worn open. The T-shirt colors were anything from pastel to coral and the suit was typically white. This look also featured loafers worn without socks.

Most people have probably seen the video and dance in the movie 13 Going on 30, and there are many popular parodies and clips on YouTube, but did you know that the Thriller video, released in 1982, inspired a whole new fashion craze in 80's men's fashion? Teenagers tried to emulate Michael Jackson by wearing matching black (or red) leather pants and leather jackets, a single glove and sunglasses. In fact, many teenagers wore their sunglasses even after dark, which was popularized by song lyrics such as "I wear my sunglasses at night". Later in the 1980's, brown leather aviator jackets, replicated after the World War II fighter pilot jackets, became popular.

Conservatism was in and actors such as Michael J. Fox, who played the preppy Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties, wore looks that were conservative. The preppy look was characterized by polo shirts in specific brands, such as Izod, Brooks Brothers, and Polo Ralph Lauren. Khakis, argyle sweaters and loafers completed the look. The sweaters could be monogrammed with the wearer's initials, and worn tied around the shoulders.

Sports suits by companies such as Adidas were popular as well. Many people were into fitness and sports, and people were very loyal to particular brands. This seemed to taper off in the late 1980's and many of these brands have never quite regained the same popularity as they once had.

The long, thick sideburns of the 1970's went out of style in 1980's men's fashion. Big hair was in, for both men and women. Styling mousse became as necessary as a big comb to fluff your feathered bangs. From 1984 to 1986, sideburns came back but were short and thin, as opposed to the longer, thicker sideburns of the 1970's. While mullets were popular in suburbia, a more professional look was required of businessmen, who wore very short hair. In the late 80's in men's fashion, it was not popular to part the hair.

Teens loved the color and functional style of Swatches. Also arriving on the scene was the Seiko Television Watch. This nifty little gadget allowed the wearer to watch TV on the run, and was symbolic of the fast pace and burgeoning technology of the day.

Although some of the fashions from the 80's probably shouldn't be repeated, there are many interesting looks from which to choose. Try adding just one or two features, such as a skinny tie or a white jacket over a T-shirt to create a unique, retro look.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gents summer wear shorts.

surprise dad with his favorite picture on a pair of board shorts:

Buying presents for Mom is easy: flowers, jewelry, gourmet tea—she loves it all. But your father? There's only so many times you can give a gift-wrapped golf club. Enter Shortomatic's new line of board shorts. The company offers an array of groovy patterned versions on its Web site, but we suggest the customizable option. Submit a favorite photo and Shortomatic will digitally produce it on a pair of trunks. What's more? If others order your signature design, the company will pay royalties. Dad would be so proud.An can be worn in summer season.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gents fashion tips.

Fashion trends today keep changing every season. And so you are here to read this article. Well probably this article is not to discuss the latest from Armani or Gabbana. The trends keep changing anyway.There are a few trends that haven't changed for quite some time and thus are the latest. Have you ever considered them?

There are trends that have been set and we still follow them. Every one does that too - even the wildest of the designers. Have your ever seen a designer use only one shoe for his/her model, or probably half a necklace? These trends have been set and it will take ages to get out of this mind set too.

There have been the things that stay and stay. We generally sport them, but kind of ignore them.

Tried and Tested Methods:

There are tried and tested methods and we will not do that. Even for the sake of looking different we wouldn't do that.

All in all, what I want to say is simple: Our trends depend not just on the kind of social circle that we have, but even on the environment we live on, the climates, the feel and more importantly how happy we are when wearing something.

From the simple polo shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, jeans to suits and khakis, they are all there in our wardrobes. The trends, the latest fashions may only add a few jazzy colors, few logos and few statements. The trends change, but the base always remains.

Some trends that appeal to any man:

Military wear: You got it into your mind as soon as you read it. The extra pockets, and the manly feel they add is far above any competition from other kind of looks. Khakis, jackets, caps are the in things. Add white and black to them and you will feel the difference right away.

Polo Shirts: This tops the list of shirts. Wear a polo shirt with a jeans, it is casuals. Add a nice coat, the corporate will invite you. And when you want to mix both formals and casuals, wear a zip-up jacket. Polo shirt will serve you, anywhere, anytime.

Layering: It's in at last. And is here to stay. Wear a sweat shirt, cover it up with a cool cotton with half sleeves. And then top it up with a jacket with no sleeves. And if possible add more. But it works, especially in winters and more so with the women around.

Logos: This is not a new style either. If you know you have enough money and don't know what to wear, then go the biggest and trendiest store that you find. Put your money and flaunt your logos. But make sure, you don't get too loud or too calm.

Use your creativity to mix up things to get what you want. And if you still haven't understood the trend today its all in one word 'Simplicity'. Keep it simple, Keep it strong. Way to go bro!

Thursday, June 10, 2010




No longer just for formal events, sequins are making their appearance on everything from basic tanks to jackets, like this Gibson slate sequin jacket.


The sequin jacket looks newest when paired with jeans and tees; go for a high-low type look by mixing the sequins with casual pieces. It would also work great with shorts for a sexy evening look. Although slate sequins go with black and white, it would also work with a pop of color like bright blue.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fashion Trend


Push that wimpy lightweight sweater to the back of the closet season.The newest sweater silhouette is an oversized sweater cardigan.Hitting anywhere from below the hip to knee-length,the chunky oversized sweater is the perfect cozy option for milder days it is also perfect for indoor offices that are to chilly to go sweater less.
Wear your oversized cardigan sweater with slimmer bottoms:skiny jeans or legging tucked into tal boots are ideal.Because its such a bold shape, you can easily carry off stronger pieces of jewelery with it like statement necklaces,layers of necklaces and big cuff bracelets.One way to look taller and slimmer is to wear a top in a matching coloras the oversized cardigan.

Fashion Trend


Denim for spring 2010 doesn't just mean jeans:denim is popping up on shoes,jacket,dress,hand bags.If you are feeling extra edgy and youthful,wear it head-to-toe.The rest of us can pick a great piece or two to update our exciting wardrobes.Denim shirt an jackets look great with khaki and white,but also pair with brights with yellow.

This is the dark chambray dress you'll reach for all spring and summer. Wear it bare-legged with wedges or paired with leggings on cooler days. Esprit's denim dress features updated shirtdress details and pintucking for extra interest.