Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gossip » Sugarland Sued Over Indiana Fair Stage Collapse

Sugarland Sued Over Indiana Fair Stage Collapse 
Sugarland Sued Over Indiana Fair Stage Collapse

Finding themselves in the midst of a massive legal battle, Sugarland has been named in a lawsuit filed by the 44 victims of last August's deadly stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair.

The complaint accuses the country duo, promoter Live Nation, the show's producers, stage riggers, and others associated with the August 13th gig of negligence, citing their failure to keep concertgoers safe.

"Unfortunately, this tragedy could have been prevented if the responsible parties had been concerned about the concertgoers that night," one of the plaintiff's attorney's, Mario Massillamany, said in a statement.

Fellow lawyer Scott Starr continued, "This is a devastating tragedy that has impacted hundreds of people. It is critical to help the victims pay the medical bills and other financial expenses that they have incurred from this incident."

Additionally, two more lawsuits on behalf of others affected by the stage collapse have been filed against Sugarland and other defendants.

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